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organiser of Influential events

Tent Of Event is a leading organiser of Influential events and Certified Public Relations Organizer

We aim to keep Interested informed and connect them with relevant communities to create vibrant marketplaces and to accelerate their business across multiple platforms.and attracting a lot of attendees and delegates every year. The company’s portfolio of products includes many industry leading events such as this exhibitions 

Founded in 1987, the company is headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the

 Khashoggi Ehab Trading  (ETE, ), one of the best operaition companies in the saudi arabia.

Tent Of Event


Event research is of paramount importance to the advice provided by the event tent, for making the right decisions and reviewing them quickly and the ways they affect the course of the event.

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Exhibition Organization

The Tent of Event manufactures exhibitions in ways that will achieve the goals set for them with a high degree of accuracy, organization and innovation

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Conferences Organiser

The event tent will focus primarily on the smooth running of conferences, Conventions and other events. It will include all planning for the conference, as well as being present at the event from the beginning in order to deal with any problems that may arise.

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  • المرجان، جدة 23715, Saudi Arabia